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At Evergreen power, we use the market leading for foam spray insulation Technitherm closed cell full fill cavity wall insulation. This type of spray foam insulation is suitable for new and existing cavity walls of all types, either full clear cavities or partially filled cavities with any board insulation. With an impressive thermal conductivity, this product is revolutionary.

Averagely a third of all heat is lost through the walls in a poorly insulated home, according to the Energy Saving Trust. Technitherm has been used in the United Kingdom for 25 years now and the product is suited for practically any domestic and commercial projects. In addition, it can prevent condensation problems stemming from your external walls. Deal with professionals to keep the warmth in and cold out, consequently saving you a considerable amount on energy bills.

Cavity wall insulation fills the gaps between external walls. Every part of the wall must be filled with insulation correctly, so its important the right installer does it for you.
To insulate your cavity walls, the installer drills small holes at intervals in the outside wall of your home. The installer then blows insulation into the cavity using special equipment. Once all the insulation is installed, the installers fills all the holes in the brickwork.
Filling cavity walls is not a job you can do by yourself, you will need to hire a professional contractor.
Houses in the UK mostly have either sold walls or cavity walls: A cavity wall is made up of two walls with a gap in between, known as the cavity; the outer wall is usually made of brick and the inner layer of brick or concrete block. Whereas a solid wall has no cavity, each wall is a single solid wall, usually made of brick or stone. ,
• Keeps your home warmer so heating bills are lower. • Reduces draughts making your property feel more comfortable. • Suitable for most types of hard to treat homes with cavity walls. • Solves penetrating damp problems. • Reduces condensation and mould growth on the insides of external walls. • Non-absorbent so will not cause damp. • Suitable for insulating uneven width cavities. - Improves the energy efficiency rating of the property.

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UP TO 50% of heat loss is caused by air leakage in the loft, which could be the result of outdated insulation or none at all. Our specialist surveyors will be able to pay you a visit and give you a quote of how much an installation would cost and compare it to how much you'd be able to save.  

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Isothane Cavity Wall Insulation

Isothane is approved by the British Board of Agrement Certificate, also holding a LABC certification. Which, only approved companies can install. Something Evergreen Power UK is a proud representative in the use of. Hence, our team of surveyors and specialised installers will explain all the features of the products to you and make sure your house is insulated professionally. Additionally, saving you money on your energy bills.

Technitherm is suitable for stone walls, including those with cavities for design purposes. Due to the revolutionary spray foam expansion methods, walls ties are no longer a problem. As, this ensures that the insulation layer is uniform between the cavities.

Technitherm is the most effective polyurethane spray foam insulation method for cavity walls, hence making it suited for even the narrowest of cavities (below 50mm). In addition, it is the only product which passed the BRE (British Research Establishment) Flood Resilience Test.


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