Evergreen Power offers masonry external wall insulation, which can penetrate up to 17 mm and creates an invisible insulation barrier. It was designed to insulate bricks and porous building materials. the product is revolutionary and comes with a  20-year lifetime guarantee. 

Masonry external wall insulation is based on the latest nanotechnology that reacts with mineral groups and actively bonds to mineral surfaces such as brick, concrete and protects your property against rain, dirt algae, pollution, oil and others. 

This technologically advanced product reduces water absorption by more than 95%.

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External Wall Insulation
properla external wall insulation

Why Choose Masonry External Wall Insulation From Evergreen Power?

Damp walls are thermal bridges, and if the pores of a wall collect moisture, more heat is transferred that it would be possible if the cavities were filled with air. So the thermal conductivity of the wall decreases enormously with dampness.  Hence why Evergreen Powers external wall insulation ensures this problem is a thing of the past. 


The masonry is able to breathe and will be permeable to water vapour whilst allowing air and moisture to pass through from one side to the other. A breathing masonry will improve the thermal conductivity and insulation properties.

Self Cleaning Efficiency

Dirt particles are unable to obtain a hold on the treated brickwork, and will, therefore, flow off with rain flow.  Our product remains clean and attractive.

Energy Saving Trust Approved Product

Our product is an energy saving product and is approved by HMRC for low-rate VAT from contractor to consumer - only 5%. Only approved contractors are eligible for low rate VAT. Call or enquire for a free quote. 


The first step we take is survey the outside walls of your property before ay work is carried out.
All areas are power washed at a high pressure, this process identifies any areas that need repair work. This removes years of accumulated mould, dirt, stains, mildew and loosely adhered paint and any other foreign substrates.
If any algae or moss is found, we treat these areas with fungicidal agents that kill the spores and roots which prevents re-occurrence.
The cracks on the walls of your property are ground open or cut to remove any loose debris then a high-quality filler is used to repair damage and create a sealed uniform surface.
Areas of blown/damaged render are removed and re-rendered to match the existing surface.
Surfaces of poor quality and unpainted surfaces require an additional stabilising procedure. An SBR/Unibond bag coat is applied to the surface and provides exceptional stabilisation.
A specialist primer is applied to the wall surface. This ensures an excelled bond to the substrate and a long lasting finish.
A long life protective wall coating is applied with the colour and texture specific by a customer.
properla external wall insulation