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It could not be easier, the homes in London where we have installed our solar panels system are noticeably saving on their energy bills and also helping saving the environment. Let’s not forget all the carbon footprint reduction and energy efficiency we achieve with solar panels!

The simple truth is that all properties in the UK need sustainable energy management and solar panels can help achieve these. Experience the difference with Evergreen Power.

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Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Installation in London

Your search for top solar panel installers in London ends with Evergreen Power Solar. We are MCS, NAPIT, HIES, ePVS approved solar panel installers in the UK. Having completed many solar panels projects for residential customers, Evergreen Power has become the preferred choice for solar panel installation in London.

Did you know by getting solar panels installed for your household, you can save up to 70% on your energy bills and also get a total benefit of £60,000 over complete lifetime of the solar panel system.

FAQ: For Solar Panel Installations in London

  • Does Solar Work with Gloomy British Weather?

Solar panels don’t just generate energy from bright direct sunlight. Instead, they use daylight. So whilst your panels won’t work at night time, a brisk British day will still be generating your own green energy for you. Your generation will be less in winter, due to shorter days and lower light levels, but you can still be generating and, you can make the most of the cheapest green grid energy when there’s not enough solar!

  • Can I Not Get Solar for FREE?

Quite simply, no. Some companies used to offer free solar panels, but the company would put a charge against your house and own rights to your roof. This left lots of people with difficulties in selling their homes. We don’t endorse this practice and no companies that we are aware of offer this anymore. Some companies advertise solar as if it’s free and then ‘bait and switch’ once they get to see you. This is not a tactic we would ever employ and are happy to tell you that solar and battery storage does cost money, but it is an investment that can deliver great returns.

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Solar Panel Installers in London