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What They’ve Been Hiding – 11 Energy Saving Tips

There are several energy saving methods that are being hidden away by these well-established utility suppliers, in attempts to get homeowners paying more for their utility bills. So our purpose is to unravel the secrets to getting a lower energy bill, so you can have more money for rainy days. There are numerous of energy saving methods you can incorporate into your home, some more simpler than others. 

11 Energy Saving Tips Insulation

1. Upgrade Insulation

Over time traditioanl insulation wears-out and becomes less effective, causing a drastic implication on your energy bills. Therefore a replacement insulation is necessary. It is ideal to pick the best insulation which won't expire. Icynene spray foam is ideal to insulate your home, eliminating heat loss and saving energy on gas and electricity bills. Potentially saving you UP TO 50% on energy savings.

11 Energy Saving Tips Washing Clothes

2. Wash clothes in Cold Water

Washing clothes in cold water can be a huge energy saver, potentially saving up to £100 a year.

11 Energy Saving Tips Light Bulb

3. Energy Saving Lights

Switching to energy saving bulbs such as CFL and LED can have a noticeable impact on your energy usage. CFL and LED bulbs use only 20-30% of energy that a traditional hydrogen/incandescent bulb. Potentially saving up to £180 on electricity bills.

11 Energy Saving Tips Dry Clothes

4. Air Dry Clothes

Air drying clothes can be a cost efficient method to using a tumble dryer.

11 Energy Saving Tips radiator

5. Blocking Radiators

Placing items on or in front of radiators can act as a barrier and can limit heat flow in a room. Therefore, resulting in you believing the thermostat is not high enough. Resulting in an increase in energy costs.

11 Energy Saving Tips Dry Dishes

6. Air Dry Dishes

Dishwashers can make life easier, but, can cause an increase in energy usage. Air drying dishes can save UP TO 50% on energy savings if replaced for drying dishes in a dishwasher.

11 Energy Saving Tips Shower Head

7. Low-flow Shower-heads

How long do you spend in the shower? Now times that by 9 and that's how much litres per minute you are wasting. That is a lot especially if you shower twice a day. We recommend you to invest in a shower-head that have an average flow rate of 7.9 lpm.

11 Energy Saving Tips Thermostat

8. Turn Down Thermostat

Turning down the thermostat by a mere 1 degree can slice up to £85 a year on homeowners' heating bills, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

11 Energy Saving Tips Grants

9. Free Cash

Homeowners can be eligible for money off electricity bills; money towards installation of solar panels and a grant for purchasing a new boiler.

11 Energy Saving Tips Microwaves

10. Microwave

Heating up leftovers in a microwave would be more energy efficient than using an oven.

Switch Icon 10 ways to save energy

11. Switching Off Appliances

Switching off appliance is a over looked method of saving energy. Appliances such as chargers can be costing as they continuously draw out power, even after the device has been unplugged. 

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How important is energy savings?

Energy saving is incredibly important in improving your homes energy efficiency, as well as, the environment. Homeowners can save hundreds per year by switching to more energy efficient products and following the simple steps to saving that extra little bit of change. Every little makes a lot. For example, homeowners can save an incredible £185 per year if they were to insulate their home with the appropriate insulation. This is just one change. With the various tips revealed, you can start saving -in some cases even earn- money today and become an energy efficient household. 

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