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5 Questions To Ask Before Insulating Your Loft/Roof

Home is the most important investment in a lifetime for many of us, since there we spend most of our time. At home we create great memories with family and friends, we rest, we learn, we grow…Therefore whenever we consider making important changes to improve our homes, we always go through an important research process, in which we raise many questions before making any decision.

That said, even in the case of considering to insulate the loft area with Icynene Spray foam Insulation, many questions need answers regarding the effects, performance, and price of the product.

This article aims to give professional answers to the top 5 questions that customers ask before deciding to insulate lofts and roofs.

1. Can my loft insulation really change my energy bills?

This is one of the most common questions, in a time when everyone aims to turn their homes in energy-efficient and also all of us are trying to save money during this challenging period that we live in. It is a proven fact that loft Spray Foam Insulation can help you in minimizing the heat loss occurring in your home and will reduce your energy bills up to* 50%. Technically explained, Icynene Spray Foam insulation, once applied on a surface, expands around 100 times, forming an air-tight barrier. Air barrier seals any cracks or gaps that are there on the surface, thereby minimizing further condensation in your loft and eliminating mold growth. This air barrier will also prevent the heat from escaping your home, which will help keep your house warm for more prolonged durations resulting in lowering your energy bills.

2. Can you please explain how the roof breathes? Is it breathable?

If we had a dollar for every time that someone asked us this question we would be rich right now.

Yes, Icynene is open-cell breathable spray foam, when applied to any surface it allows moisture present to dry out through evaporation, this is important as timber and masonry surfaces need to breathe to ensure that no damp or rot problems are caused. It is a soft and flexible foam so it can be cut out with literally a bread knife. With thousands of installs nationwide we have not had 1 complaint regarding rotting in wooden structures. This product is approved by building control. It has a BBA, KIWA, IAB, EOTA, certificates, and is ENERGY SAVING TRUST APPROVED.

3. Wont this just rot the roof?

The short answer would be Icynene open-cell spray foam will not rot your roof! As mentioned before, Icynene open-cell foam is breathable, when applied to any surface it allows any moisture present to dry out through evaporation, this is important as timber and masonry surfaces need to breathe to ensure that no damp or rot problems are caused. Whereas a lot of the horror stories come from polyurethane closed-cell foam, which is more suitable when moisture breathe-ability is not a requirement such as on metal. However, if your timbers are already damp or have some form of rot or woodworm they should be treated and dried first.

4. Can this be applied DIY or does a team of installers have to come out?

Unfortunately, you cannot go to your local supply store and purchase the required appliances and get dug in.  Icynene Spray foam can only be installed by a licensed accredited installer. This is not a job in which you just spray it where you think it should go and hope for the best. You want the best accuracy and effectiveness in the spray foam insulation working for your home. When it comes to the spray foam insulation, you want it to efficient and effective within your home.

5. How much does it cost?

The truth is that Icynene spray foam is more expensive compared to Conventional Insulation: The expanding foam insulation cost is more expensive compared to other traditional and conventional products, however with its fit and forget technology, this insulation lasts the lifetime of your home. The money you need to spend on getting spray foam loft insulation done varies depending on many factors. The main points determining factors are:

  • The size and condition of your loft space.
  • The type of spray foam material used.
  • The thickness of the spray foam installed.
  • The labor needed
  • Is a breathable membrane needed?

We strongly suggest Start saving today and avoid an uncomfortable home when you call our professional and experienced spray foam experts to schedule a free survey and discuss the options available to you. Icynene spray foam lasts much longer than traditional insulation, and it comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty which will be lasting for the lifetime of your home.

Evergreen Power UK is Icynene and BBA approved largest spray foam insulation installer in whole of Europe. We have many years of experience of doing thousands of spray foam insulation for residential and commercial customers. Call us Today 0800 689 1894 or click below to get a FREE Quote valid for 12 months.

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