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Benefits of H2Foam Lite spray foam Insulation?

The product Huntsman H2Foam Lite Foam is completely suitable for use as an air barrier and thermal insulation in attics, floor assemblies, and wall cavities. It can also be sprayed on a variety of surfaces, including steel, concrete, masonry, wood, gypsum board, and particle board.
Huntsman H2Foam Lite Spray Foam is an open-cell foam that can be applied quickly and simply with excellent thermal conductivity. It is appropriate for indoor applications and is best suited for residential as well as commercial buildings.

Advantages of Huntsman H2 Foam Lite Spray Foam

Over 40% of the energy needed to cool or heat the house is wasted mostly because of air leaks in the building’s structure. One of the best ways to reduce air leakage from a house is using H2 Foam Lite spray foam insulation. Some of its major advantages are:

  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Good water vapour transmission
  • Class-E fire response
  • 100% Water Blown
  • Easily sprayed
  • Expandable
  • High level of adherence to most surfaces

Drawbacks of Huntsman H2 Foam Lite Spray Foam

Depending on the temperature, humidity, elevation, substrate, machinery, and other variables, foam spraying temperatures can vary significantly. Some of its major disadvantages are:

  • Not the best option for cavity wall insulation.
  • Seasonal kind of spraying-mostly opted in winters
  • This cannot be completed as a do-it-yourself job or DIY project.
  • It is impossible to purchase the required equipment and supplies from a nearby supply store and complete the insulation.
  • To apply Huntsman H2Foam Lite, licenced installers are required so locating such installation experts can be a bit challenging task.

Is it safe to insulate with H2Foam Lite Spray Foam?

Huntsman H2Foam Lite Spray Foam insulation UK has a fantastic safety and health solid reputation.

It is fully water blown and does not have any toxic blowing agent – which makes it eco-friendly in form.

Along with an excellent thermal resistance, it also has a Class-E fire response, meaning in case of a fire, it will resist low flame ignition, and won’t let the flames spread.

Additionally, unlike most insulation materials, for e.g., Fibreglass which can trigger asthma if inhaled, H2Foam lite won’t irritate the skin, eyes, nose, and throat.
For additional safety, access the sprayed area after 24 hours of spraying.

How long does H2Foam Lite Spray Foam last?

H2Foam lite comes with a 25-year warranty. Once sprayed, you will not need to worry about your home’s insulation for another 25 years.

H2Foam Lite Spray foam enables the timber to inhale, thus eliminating the hazards of decaying the same, which guarantees its long shelf life. Additionally, it can eliminate the dangers of moisture and mould growth which is injurious to health. Huntsman H2Foam Lite spray foam UK is permeable and has a completely open cell structure for letting moisture escape and preventing mould formation.

For installers, Huntsman H2Foam Lite spray foam is usually stored at room temperature. Drums of H2Foam Lite Spray Foam should be kept between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius after delivery.

H2Foam Lite Spray Foam UK is a 1:1 ratio by weight rapid expanding foam which needs to be applied consistently and effectively, which necessitates the right equipment and sprayer technique and aids in improving the shelf life of H2Foam Lite Spray Foam.

For all kinds of substrates, H2Foam Lite Spray Foam is sprayed in a single layer at the predetermined thickness.

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