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Choosing the Best Company for Insulation in London – What You Need To Know

We live in a city where everyone wants the best for him and his family, all for a good price. If you are preparing a building project in London, you should consider insulation as one of the main parts of your plan. When it comes to insulation in London, choosing is not as easy as some think.

The average homeowner calculates that he needs to renounce some parts of the building project, or at least to have a saving strategy allowing him to get the best quote. Tradition says insulation is not mandatory in London, considering the good weather here compared to other parts of the UK. On the other hand, insulation is more than a method to keep the house warm. It is a responsibility for all of us considering the footprint that we leave on the environment that we need to reduce soon.


The money-saving strategy is not recommended if you are looking for the best building project around. When it comes to a construction project, the money is spent mostly on the small things that we don’t consider from the start. In the case of insulation, many people prefer to calculate only the cost of material/square meter, when in fact a surveyor is required to assess all the aspects of the building project, and give a cheap spray foam insulation quote.

When you are thinking insulation, you think thermal and hydro insulation. Engineers recommend insulation for new buildings, but also for renewing old buildings as well. You can reduce the consumption substantially if your house is efficiently insulated. And when it comes to the choices you have, you can be sure you will find the cheapest quote possible for a product that has the best reviews.

Old insulation methods based on mineral wool or cellulose are overrated today. The auto-adhesive materials and barriers which are required will increase the cost of the project. It is just one of the reasons for which the value of cellulose insulation is greater than the one initially anticipated.

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All those details have to be known if you are looking to build a new house. The wisest thing to do is to call for a surveyor. If you are looking for quality work, you should look to pay for useful materials and to make some sacrifices concerning budget, knowing you will save money in the long term after installing proper London insulation.

How to find the best insulation provider in London?

With the help of a specialised surveyor, you can identify the right type of insulation that would suit your budget and expectations. The majority of homebuilders think of traditional insulation with polyurethane spray foam or expanded polystyrene. Those methods are average efficient and have a reduced price, but they are risky and may have to be changed after a while as they mould and rot.

An insulation job of this type can be done at an optimal quote and gives you the possibility to save money on bills. New insulation methods based on the open or closed cell foam principle are perfect to replace the old less friendly insulation methods.

The bricks used commonly in the UK for building projects have a reduced thermal insulation coefficient. This is why spray foam is a cheap solution for loft insulation, and it has a good thermal protection factor.

Some insulation manufacturers recommend the open cell spray foam, as it is resistant to a large number of shocks.

The insulation of a room does not depend only on the thickness of the wall, but on some other factors as well. For example, if you are looking to insulate a room, the thickness of the wall will increase by 20 centimetres.

Polyurethane spray insulation

A building insulated with polyurethane is a good alternative compared to cellulose insulation, but inferior compared with the new spray foam insulation methods. This expanded foam is applied in cavities or holes in the wall, completely filling the space put at its disposal.


Polyurethane, the most common type of insulating foam has been around for decades, being used for military applications since the 40’s. After the war, it was used for insulating commercial planes and containers. It was perfect for insulating buildings only during the 70’s, and London was one of the first cities in the world using polyurethane at a large scale as an insulation material.

There are different systems to apply this type of foam. The high-pressure system is composed of two components, and it is used for houses and commercial applications. It is a rapidly expandable foam under the form of a spray. The low-pressure spray is the one generally used for remodelling. The process is called ‘slow rise formula’.

The better version of polyurethane is the open and closed cell spray foam, a revolutionary product which has been around for a while in America and the EU, but which is still a mystery for the majority of the homeowners in the UK. There are two types of spray insulation, the open and closed cell systems.


Open-cell spray foam is a foam for which the cells are not completely closed. It is the cheaper ones, it uses a reduced number of chemicals, and it is easy to apply.

It is an excellent barrier against sudden temperature changes and condensation, but it does not ensure good water insulation. It has a sponge aspect, and it is mostly used for interiors. It is not recommended for exterior applications.

The closed cell system uses a denser foam, it has a compact cellular structure, and it is an excellent barrier against water and vapours. It is mostly used for roofs and other exterior applications mostly, as well as in industrial applications such as container insulation.

Benefits of open and closed cell spray foam

Icynene Open or Closed cell insulation has economic benefits, as it reduces the costs of energy and bills. More than 40% of the heat in a house wastes through the spaces that are not insulated properly.

The buildings insulated with spray foam are 50% better protected against heat loss than the ones covered with traditional materials. It is also a better sound insulation system.


Wooden roof insulation trends in London

Many of the London houses are built with wooden roofs, and this construction technique is still used for new buildings. It is not a bad idea, but wood has to be insulated properly, and with care. Wood needs to breathe. Therefore it is important to find good insulating materials for wooden lofts or walls that are resistant to fire, and also allow proper insulation and ventilation.

Thermal insulation of roofs has the same rules as insulation of the house, the main purpose being to reduce heat loss. Keeping the house cold during the long London hot summer days is just as important. Air conditioning may be a good idea, but what if there is a material allowing you not to consume more energy for your comfort, but on the contrary, to increase it and to save money at the same time?

The open cell spray foam offers excellent protection against temperature changes, and it is also a good hydro-insulating material. Think of insulation even since designing a building. However, if you have a house and think about some green improvements, the polyurethane spray foam can be just the thing for you.


Roof insulation can be done both on interior and exterior. Interior of the building is an efficient method if we are using the closed cell spray foam. It is 100% water blown, and it forms a protecting membrane against thermal changes and humidity.

For the exterior of the house, you can use spray or polyurethane. Usually, the foam is used at insulating terraces where the roof is flat, and the polyester is used for classic roofs. It is less costly to insulate a roof on the interior, as less material is required.

No matter what type of insulating material you need, you can be sure Evergreen is the company to make it real. We have the best specialists in London, from the specialised surveyors that can give you the best quotes in your budget. Our trained workers are always learning new methods of spraying. Our research team is always looking for new products suited for the UK and in particular for the London market.


Building in London has its specifics and traditions. It is different from the way people build in other parts of the country. It is the reason for which we can say Evergreen Power is mostly specialised in understanding the London insulation market, and what homeowners in Greater London want.

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