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Boat Insulation Essex

Evergreen Power provides the ideal solution to avoid and prevent condensation in boats of every type in Essex. Boat owners here know the importance of protecting their barges, cruisers, beam boats or marine crafts from the damaging effects of saltwater. Our specialists install spray boat insulation for pleasure boats or commercial barges. We can say our products address both to commercial, industrial and residential customers, as any boat needs insulation at some point.

As soon as you leave East London on A13, a beautiful sightseeing of the left handside of Thames reveals to travellers. It is clear that boats, cruises and vessels are a part of the Essex tradition and economy. The beautiful towns of Grays, Basildon, Canvey Island and Southend-on-Sea host some of the most beautiful ships. They are also important ports where commercial barges bring valuable goods from all over the world.

Evergreen Power Boat Insulation in Essex

We apply Icynene spray boat insulation directly on the hull of your boat. It makes it a lot easier for the spray foam to expand and cover all the gaps present in the shell. It prevents the ‘cold-spots’ to appear, making the boat more resistant to the action of salt water and increasing the comfort of people using the boat.

This type of spray foam for boats is the perfect method to increase the efficiency of your narrowboat heating system. Insulating a boat with spray foam is not easy; therefore you should be quoted by Evergreen Power for your boat insulation project. Don’t worry, as we could match any price and will make sure your boat is ready to conquer the seas for the decades to come!


I think spray foam insulation from Evergreen is what we needed in Southend-on-Sea for a long time. I can fully enjoy my boat trips and I recommended Martin to all my neighbours owning a boat!