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Boat Insulation Kent

Navigation and boats are practically the history of Kent County. People here love their boats and are found of navigation, barges, rivers and the beautiful sea. Many of the towns in Kent are the host of thousands of beautiful boats. Evergreen Power fitted perfectly here by studying the boat insulation needs of boat owners in Kent and offering Icynene spray boat insulation, a less known but effective method to protect a barge or narrowboat.

On the south side of Kent, most of the passionate boat owners are in Folkestone and Dover. Evergreen Power does not only offer residential spray foam for boats. Many of the commercial barges and boats here need boat insulation to prevent condensation. Until a couple of years back, boat spray insulation was practically unknown. Boat owners still used traditional insulation methods proven as ineffective today.

At the Eastern extremity of Kent, Ramsgate and Margate are two of the towns where sailing and marine are important traditions and industrial sources of income. Evergreen Power is especially proud of the boats insulated in this area, which you can admire in the Royal Yacht Marina or Ramsgate. Last but not least, Rochester, Chatham and Gillingham are towns with a rich tradition in sailing, fishing and marina, with hundreds of boats which may require insulation even if the owners don’t know yet.

Cost of insulating a boat in Kent

Many think they know how to protect a boat but are they? In a narrowboat or even on a commercial barge, the depth of insulation is critical. Too much of it will leave less space for people using the boat or the carried goods. Less insulation means less protection against the harmful exterior and interior factors.

Icynene boat spray foam insulation gives twice as much protection against temperature changes and condensation compared with the one provided by wool insulation with the same thickness. It is an essential factor for narrowboat heating, as those small pleasure vessels need every little inch of space to increase the comfort of people using the boat.

What is the cost of spray foam boat insulation materials?

One inch of Icynene closed cell spray vessel insulation is enough to protect your boat for decades against harmful factors. It means the Icynene spray foam insulation cost is lower than probably expected. Our free survey will clarify all the questions you may have about this type of boat spray insulation, and it is free of any obligation or charge!

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John Wick
Closed-cell spray foam insulation is called and I must admit I did not know about this thing until Sean from Evergreen told me about it. Thank you Evergreen! Warmly recommended for anyone in need of boat insulation in Dover!