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Boat Insulation London

The history of London is practically the history of navigation. It is no wonder Londoners know everything about boats, and the ones owning a boat are so fond of their vessels. Evergreen Power is fully aware of the importance of boat insulation in London. It is why we propose boat insulation with Icynene spray foam for any person interested in having a properly insulated boat or barge.

Spray foam for boats is a relatively new idea. It quickly replaces other traditional methods of insulation for boats used since now. Some boat owners in Greater London didn’t ever think of boat insulation with cellulose or other methods used since now, knowing those are not the best methods to insulate a narrowboat. Here is why spray foam boat insulation in London is the new trend for any type of barge or vessel.

Spray foam for boats in London

– It is applied fast – Spray insulation for boats is the most rapid heat or cold prevention method today. The boat can be used 24 hours after installing the insulation
– No intensive or intricate carving or finishing required
– Perfect way for narrowboat insulation as it is applied directly to the surface, being able to fill the complex gaps of a hull
– Best boat insulation method to prevent condensation – Icynene spray foam has excellent condensation protection values

Spray Foam Boat Insulation in London

A boat trip on the Thames through London is maybe the perfect Saturday afternoon getaway for many. You will enjoy a leisure trip on the river allowing you to see many of the British boats representing one of the London’s traditions.

In Kensington and Chelsea, most of the boats on the Thames are privately owned. Some of those boats are fixed and used as residences, meaning they will need proper insulation to increase the comfort of people living in those. Same types of boats are common in Camden, on Regent’s Channel and In East London. Those boats are better insulated with Icynene Open Cell Spray foam, as they have to allow the walls to breathe. Pleasure boat spray foam insulation is different from commercial vessel insulation. It is because a ship has to protect its inhabitants from temperature changes, but it also has to offer breathability.

East London Spray Foam Insulation for boats

In Greenwich, there are also other boats that may be the subject of spray foam insulation, but those are usually barges and other boats used for commercial purposes. Those also require insulation, but we are talking probably about closed cell insulation. For commercial barges and boats, protecting the content against moisture is more important than breathability.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to insulate a vessel. It is why Evergreen Power is here. It is not a DIY project, no matter if you choose open cell or closed cell spray foam insulation. Evergreen Power comes with a free survey for your boat insulation needs without any obligation. You could benefit from more comfort in your pleasure boat, or you want to know how spray foam insulation can help your barge or commercial boat, get a quote from Evergreen Power, read the Icynene Reviews, and you will also see we are the right solution for insulating a boat.

boat insulation London


Spray Foam for Insulating boats? It seems like it is possible with Evergreen Power! Now my barge is ready to navigate on the Regent’s Channel or on Thames whenever I want!