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Can you install Spray Foam Insulation in the Attic?

Making sure your attic is properly insulated is one of the most important methods you can endorse to keep your home warm and substantially lower your energy bills. It is very much possible and highly recommended to install Spray Foam insulation in your attic.

Insulation majorly contributes to the process of maintaining the perfect temperature in your house, both during winters and summers. Without proper insulation, your attic may let the heat from your house flee, lowering the efficacy of your property and massively increasing your expenditures. 

So, you should prudently choose the insulation that is best for your home’s attic from the varying kinds easily accessible these days. 

Insulation made of HBS (Icynene) spray foam is widely deployed and durable. It is a very simple process that can usually be completed in less than a day or two with minimal mess and disturbance. It does not relocate once it is poured until it is chopped off or removed. Its life expectancy is extensive, and it is assuredly very eco-friendly.

Spray foam insulation for attic comes in two different types: open-cell and closed-cell spray foam insulation.

You can learn everything you should know about insulating the attic like the benefits of and why is it worth it, in this article.

Is Spray Foam Attic Insulation worth it?

It is worth it to get installed for your attic because it keeps the attic cooler for an extended period of duration by preventing the sun’s heat from getting inside during summers and stops the heat from escaping your house during winters.

Installing insulation and doing air infiltration modifications at the same time is essential. Fortunately, it can insulate and keep a space airtight while acting as a moisture barrier, offering a high level of protection for your home.

When dealing with attic spray foam insulation or any other component of your attic space, you should see only competent and authorized professional.

Contact us to schedule an inspection of your attic or receive recommendations for the licenced and skilled contractor for the task.

When deciding whether to install spray foam insulation and how to choose a trustworthy insulation contractor, there are a number of crucial points to consider.

Homeowners should think about the genuine factors to decide whether it is worthwhile before searching for “spray foam insulation near me.”

It all depends on what’s important to you. it could possibly be worth the additional investment to you if you can see the advantages of properly insulating your new construction home from the beginning for long-term security, energy savings month after month, and fewer problems while you live in the house.

About Attic Insulation

By properly insulating your attic space, specifically the flooring, you can lessen the warmth lost through your roofing. A significant amount of attic floor insulation can prevent heat loss through the roof in advance.

To insulate and lessen air leakage, spray foam insulation made can be blasted into walls, onto cement blocks, on attic surfaces, or even under floors. Spray foam can effectively cover even the smallest gaps to provide an air barrier. After being sprayed, foam often expands up to fifty times its liquid content and offers great protection against air incursion.

However, it can be the best practice to consider insulating both the attic floor and at a roof level if you have a refurbished loft. By concentrating on the joists, you can complete the insulation of your loft or attic.

You can easily install a suitable level of insulation to reduce the amount of heat loss through the attic by stuffing insulation into the loft joists. By sealing the attic floor, you may prevent the heat produced in your living rooms from rising through the ceilings and eventually through the roofs being out of your home if your attic is empty or just used for storage.

Benefits of Attic Insulation

  • it can be recognized as one of the best insulations commercially accessible because it has a high R-Value and a decent degree of thermal resistance.
  • According to an estimate, air escaping through your walls, floors, and ceilings accounts for forty per cent of the expense of heating your home. Thus, you can curtail your utility expenditures if you restrict air vents in your home with a proper insulating layer of spray foam.
  • Pollutants like dust, gas, smoke, and mould enter your home from the outside. By adding insulation to your attic, you can lessen the deleterious impacts of air pollution on your health. Headaches, respiratory issues, and weariness are a few signs of air pollution entering your space. 
  • Spray foam is commonly preferred since it is simple to apply and covers the entire floor. Attic floorboard insulation has another benefit over roof rafters, the floor is smaller, and less insulation is needed, which minimizes overall insulation costs.
  • Ice dams in the winter can be prevented or at least reduced with enough attic insulation. Your home’s interior and exterior may sustain damage from ice dams and snow.
  • Water vapour can’t enter the structure of your home due to the spray foam attic insulation. Your roof, walls, attic and ceiling may become infiltrated by water vapour, which can lead to mould and mildew growth, cement erosion, and wood rot.
  • In your attic, this moisture also encourages the formation of mould. Condensation cannot enter your attic if the insulation layer is properly laid. 
  • Your home’s exposure to outside noise can be reduced with attic insulation. It is extremely useful when it is raining heavily. Insulation is a great way to keep your house serene and tranquil. 
  • Insulation is a practical way of maintaining the temperature of your home. By insulating your attic, you may consume less energy overall, which lowers your carbon impact. You may reduce carbon dioxide emissions by using less energy.

If you are working on an insulation project for your roof or loft and absolutely require expert advice, you can contact us for a free consultation. Our staff’s extensive experience in insulation has benefited thousands of customers in the United Kingdom. As trained and approved installers of HBS (Icynene) Spray Foam Insulation, we only utilise the best materials available.

In a nutshell, It is usually ideal to get in touch with your nearby home inspection team while working on an attic job like insulation and ventilation. We can recommend a qualified, licenced contractor in your region with a solid reputation for quality work. Before applying spray foam, our expert team can also look for mould in your attic and other minor problems to deal with it beforehand. A home inspection can help you save money on home improvements but you make sure you hire the best professionals for the job.

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