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Evergreen Power UK Icynene® Installers Now a Member of IWA

Independent Warranty Association is a Financial Conduct Authority approved company with a registration number of 305650 on the Financial Services Register. Moreover, the Financial Conduct Authority has certainly authorized and regulated IWA. Mass Foam Systems’ team of Icynene® spray foam installers is pleased to announce that we have joined the IWA membership. This affiliation is a very interesting time for our team because it provides us with necessary authorization in the spray foam insulation business as well as additional security and safety for our consumers.

Since 1985, IWA has provided Insurance Backed Guarantees and Deposit Protection Schemes to clients all over the UK, and we have earned a strong reputation for trust and honesty. We safeguard both buyers and sellers with agreements that are simple to read, understand, and have no hidden clauses and for up to ten years, our schemes provide peace of mind and tranquillity to our worthy customers.

What exactly are IWA Insurance Backed Guarantee and Deposit Protection Schemes?

IWA offers recognised accreditation to home improvement service providers, giving customer a confidence when seeking a quote from a company. IWA includes enterprises that provide

  • Dual glazing
  • Solar panels
  • Kitchens
  • Heat Pumps
  • Bathrooms
  • Biomass Boilers
  • Central Heating Management Systems
  • Conservatories
  • Doors
  • Extensions
  • Garage Conversions
  • Garage Doors
  • Garden Rooms
  • Spray foam insulation

IWA commitment is to ensure that all customers are appreciated, protected, and informed throughout their home improvement process.

A violation of the IWA schemes, for instance, is considered a breach of the Illegal Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law. This Act protects consumers from fraudulent or unfair business practices, and in this case, it empowers a homeowner to obtain treble damages or three times the amount of losses actually experienced as well as attorneys’ costs if a home improvement agreement is not satisfactory.

What does being an IWA member mean for our customers?

We take pleasure in providing the highest quality service and completed products to our customers as highly skilled Icynene® spray foam installers. For Mass Foam Systems and the clients, being a part of IWA is extremely helpful. To become a member of the IWA, all members must be inspected and accredited, providing evidence and trust that we put Icynene spray foam insulation of really high quality. Our membership is intended to strengthen the deep bond between our current and prospective clients.

IWA is a firm believer in ensuring that no consumer is ever disadvantaged, and we work hard to safeguard them before, during, and then after their installations. Before becoming an accredited member, all installers are vetted. You will also have access to ADR including the Ombudsman, Security and Stage Payment Protection, and an Assurance Backed Guarantee. Several benefits of being a member of IWA Schemes include:

  1. Evaluated Installers: IWA also keeps a close eye on all the members who pass the rigorous approval process for the product or goods for which they wish to be accredited.
  2. Consumer Advice Line: Once you have signed the contract with the IWA scheme member, then IWA certainly makes sure to address any queries you might have.
  3. Deposit Insurance: Once your system is registered with IWA, this secures up to a 25 percent of the total value of the contract and a maximum limit of £5,000 for 120 days. There will be no protection in place until IWA has spoken to you to confirm that we have arranged it, after the user has verified your installation on the IWA system, and then in accordance with the terms and circumstances stated above. Please contact IWA members or us as soon as possible if you have not received an IWA letter confirming IWA has secured your insurance within five working days of signing the contract, as your payments will not be protected.
  4. IBG: If your installer quits or stops trade and is unable to honor the conditions of their written guarantee, and IBG or Insurance backed guarantee protects you. Once the member has contributed a date to the IWA system to confirm when they accomplished your installation, you will receive an IBG. To get the most out of an IBG, do the following:
  • Your installation should be completely finished to your satisfaction, with no flaws, and you should have paid all sums owing directly to the member identified as the certificate’s supplier;
  • You should have an agreement with the member who is listed on the certificate as a supplier;
  • You should be able to show verification of your agreement with the member listed on the certificate as a supplier;
  • You should be able to present a written copy guarantee you acquired from the member listed on the certificate as a supplier
  • The subscriber must have terminated trading, and the Company Secretary must have acknowledged this whether they’re a limited business.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: IWA skilled mediators are always available to assist you in resolving any disagreements you may have had with one of our partners.
  • Access to an Ombudsman: If we are unable to resolve your complaint, you will have unlimited access to an ombudsman.

How does being a member of IWA benefit Mass Foam Systems?

IWA membership can give you even more peace of mind by assuring you that your spreading spray foam insulation was put correctly and professionally thanks to IWA membership. IWA also provides added security to our customers throughout the process, from the moment they obtain a quote to complete assistance once Icynene® spray foam insulation is installed.

Homeowners who hire IWA members get a thorough warranty from their installer, as well as free consultation, secure and independent inspections from IWA discretion, and a free independent Ombudsman service. They also get Complimentary Deposit Protection Insurance and a Good Insurance Backed Guarantee. IWA members offer you, the client, all of the security and precautions you require, ensuring that you make the best decision possible when placing your order.

IWA offers comprehensive consumer protection and independent warranty in the UK home improvement industry, giving customers a high level of security and confidence. Call our helpful group of experts on +448006891894 or request a call back to get a free quote to know further about our participation with the IWA Scheme and our very unique spray foam insulation procedure.

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