How Safe Is Spray Foam Insulation

How Safe Is Spray Foam Insulation? – The Truth Revealed (2019)

I am sure, we all wondered how safe is spray foam insulation or questioned Is spray foam insulation dangerous or toxic? Before getting our home insulation done. Well we are here to alleviate all the misconceptions. Around ten years ago, individuals related Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation as an obscure, untested type of home insulation, which could be a risk to mortgage holders of the property. But today, Icynene open cell spray foam insulation is the safest form of home insulation with almost no risk involved for homes or homeowner.

Icynene is the only foam on the market to achieve BBA, ETA, IAB certifications. It has also been approved by the Energy Saving Trust, as a 100% water blown product, containing no HCFC or harmful chemicals.

Not only is Icynene safe, with home energy bills soaring over the last few years, installing Icynene spray foam insulation has got benefits all year round, and can also save you up to* 50% on your energy bills.

The Big Question: Is Spray Foam Insulation Dangerous?

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As an official Icynene accredited contractor and installer, “is spray foam insulation dangerous” is one of the most widely frequently asked question we get from our customers. We would first like to state that not all insulation materials are the same; with Icynene being new to the market, it is regularly misunderstood and compared with other related materials like Polyurethane (which is where most of the spray insulation nightmares you’ve heard about come from).

But the truth is that Icynene is a 100% water blown product, and doesn’t contain the BL19 Catalyst which gives off a fishy smell once installed, it is a eco-friendly insulation material which has the added benefit of helping in reducing your carbon footprint.

Although spray foam insulation has been applied to over 50% of homes in North America and is widely used across Canada, it has been known to have negative effects on health. This is mainly based on older insulation methods, such as Polyurethane, and modern insulation alternatives, such as Icynene, offer an economical and air quality improving alternative.

Research on Polyurethane spray foam insulation uk states that it has adverse effects on the health, and the chemicals it’s made of contain high levels of toxic material.

Where as with Icynene spray foam insulation installed , you will notice a difference in your health. It reduces dangers of respiratory distress as allergies, asthma and certain sensitivities can be caused by natural airborne irritants...

by choosing loft spray foam insulation, your home will be sealed from a wide range of pollutants in the air and helps prevent the growth of mould.

Is Spray Foam Insulation Toxic?

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When it comes to the safety and toxicity of foam spray insulation, the real issue behind this all is Isocyanates.

What Does the EPA Have to say about spray foam toxicity?

According to the EPA:

“Homeowners who are exposed to isocyanates and other spray foam chemicals in vapours, aerosols, and dust during or after the installation process “run the risk of developing asthma, sensitization, lung damage, other respiratory and breathing problems, and skin and eye irritation."

What is Icynene spray foam insulation?

Icynene spray foam insulation is a superior air barrier and breathable insulation in one. Developed 31 years ago, Icynene has been the No.1 insulation in North America and has now taken the UK by storm.

Icynene is the No.1 spray foam insulation in North America and has taken the UK by storm with its leading water-based technology. Available in 34 countries in the world and Evergreen Power is one of the trusted and accredited contractors of this Canadian manufacturer in the United Kingdom.

Air sealing your home using Icynene spray foam roof insulation cost creates a cocoon effect, increasing the comfort of your home. Reducing drafts as every crack and cranny is sealed. Icynene spray foam can also help reduce sound from noisy indoor rooms, outdoor noises and transferred noises.

Some of the Icynene Spray Foam Insulation Advantages

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  1. Fire Compliance - Icynene’ s products can be used in fire compliant assemblies noted in the requirements of Chapter 26 of the International Building code. Icynene spray foam insulation products have the flame spread and smoke-developed indexes required, have been tested in accordance with and comply with the acceptance criteria of NFPA 285, and there are many wall and ceiling assemblies that contain Icynene products and are fire-resistance-rated in accordance with ASTM E 119. Icynene is committed to working with architects to navigate the complex issue of fire compliance in assemblies that feature spray foam insulation.
  2. Savings - Another benefit of Icynene is that the energy-saving from this method of insulation is far superior when compared to other methods of home insulation, which offsets the spray foam insulation cost involved in the process.
  3. Protect Your Home- If you want your home to last longer, Icynene spray foam loft insulation can help. It does not provide a source of food for rodents, termites, or other nasty critters. Icynene can also offer extra structural stability to yours walls, and loft which can't be achieved using other traditional forms of insulation.
  4. Noise Reduction - Icynene significantly reduces noise transfer after the process of insulation is completed thanks to its sound-damping properties. It makes your home much more soundproof to outside noises, which helps in creating a more comfortable environment in your home.

Why Do Icynene spray foam contractors wear personal protective clothing?

Ever wondered why your Evergreen Power Icynene spray foam contractor is dressed in a suit that can be referred to a ‘hazmat’ suit?

The health and safety of our licensed spray foam contractors is as equally important as the health and safety of our customers.

Each licensed Icynene spray foam contractor must wear personal protective clothing and gear to ensure they are protected during the application of spray foam, especially when there is fiberglass already installed up in the loft.

Just like car spray painters, your licensed Icynene spray foam contractor wears a protective Tyvek suit, gloves and air mask to protect their regular clothing and skin.

Personal protective clothing and gear ensures that the spray foam applicator:

  • Does not inhale vapours and particulates
  • Is protected against skin contact with raw materials
  • Has a measure of safety around high-pressure spray equipment.

Icynene items have the best safety record that exceeds expectations; this record spans over more than 25 years and covers more than 350,000 insulation done using Icynene.

Icynene items have the best safety record that exceeds expectations; this record spans over more than 25 years and covers more than 350,000 insulation done using Icynene.

Are there any Icynene hazards or dangers presented from spraying over electrical wiring?

No, there are no Icynene hazards or dangers presented from spraying over electrical wiring. Issues of overheating were at first seen as a reason for concern; however, because of its open cell and adaptable nature, analysts worldwide have discovered that overheating of wires doesn't present a threat.

Icynene can likewise be cut into without presenting health dangers if you need to replace or add extra wiring, but remember that on the off chance that you do this, you could altogether affect the insulation of your home as Icynene provides an air seal to avert heat loss to your home.

Is there a threat of fire?

*Please note: The information in this section has been stated directly by the manufacturer, you can find the resource here

Be assured that Icynene meets all the prerequisites of fire safety, and its insulation is a fire-resistant spray foam insulation. Icynene Classic Plus 0 is a class 0 fire rated product that has accomplished a surface spread of class 1 (test range class 1 is the best to class 4 being the most exceedingly terrible and generally hazardous).

It follows the prerequisites for a Class 0 surface, as mentioned in Paragraph A12(b) of Approved Document B 'Fire Safety,' to the Building Regulations 200. It has a Class 1 surface spread of fire when tested to BS476 Part 7 1997; when tested to BS476 Part 6 1989, the material accomplished a fire propagation index (I) of not more than 12 and sub-index (i1) of not more than 6.

Does my home qualify for Icynene Spray Foam Insulation?

At Evergreen Power, we provide premium Icynene spray foam roof insulation problems services available at the most affordable prices. We have worked continuously to provide better-insulated homes and businesses for our customers, making us their preferred choice among spray foam insulation companies in their locations. We are Icynene accredited contractors, and you can take advantage of our free site survey service to get an experienced surveyor to come and inspect your site. After inspection, they would provide you with a FREE QUOTE that would be valid for 12 months.

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