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Icynene Spray Foam Insulation – What are the Benefits?

I’m sure you’ve all heard. Icynene has been the leading spray foam insulation on the market and is rapidly becoming the new double glazing of the insulation market.

But is this product really revolutionary?

We will let you decide as we will give you a quick history overview and break down the benefits of Icynene spray foam.

A Short History of Icynene Spray Foam

Icynene was developed over 31 years ago in North America, and in the past 30+ years, more than 3 billion board feet of Icynene spray foam insulation has been installed in more than 425,000 residential and commercial projects.

Additionally, Icynene spray foam insulation products are currently sold in more than 30 countries. They have been extensively tested and approved by various highly respected global product approval agencies, such as:

  • ICC-ES: International Code Council Evaluation Service (USA)
  • CCMC: The Canadian Construction Materials Centre
  • BBA: The British Board of Agrément (United Kingdom)
  • ATec: Avis Technique (France)
  • EEA: European Economic Area
  • VTT: European Technical Approval

Here you can find a list of the UK certifications  in more detail.

Icynene aspire to be the worlds preferred insulation supplier – preferred by contractors, architects, and homeowners for its industry leading, energy saving solutions.

Overall Performance of Icynene Spray Foam Insulation


Performance of Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

Icynene foam is self-supporting and does not slump or sag. It is sufficiently flexible to allow differential movement of the materials to which it is bonded without delaminating from the surface. It can also be sprayed directly onto zinc without causing corrosion and is compatible with most common chemicals occurring in construction.

Like most other foams Icynene foam is combustible and must be protected from naked flames and ignition sources. When Icynene foam is installed in a timber structure behind 12mm plasterboard the structure achieves a fire rating of B-s1, d0. Icynene does not propagate flame and does not drip. It is self-extinguishing.

Icynene spray foam can be expected to last for the lifetime of the building and comes with a 25 years manufacturer’s warranty. Let’s not forget to mention it does not support the growth of mould or fungus and is not a food source for rodents or insects.

It also does not contain any chemical blowing agents, HFCs or PBDEs. It has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1 and an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of 0.

So, it is safe to say that Icynene spray foam insulation is a superior product and has massive advantages over its competitors.

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Key Benefits -

  • Low Thermal Conductivity: It provides good thermal performance in new and existing structures.
  • Non-irritant and Hygienic: unlike many other spray foam insulation materials Icynene is totally inert, odorless and produces no harmful emissions after installation.
  • Air-tight: it expands in volume by up to 100 times after spraying, pushing its way into cracks and voids to form a complete seal to surfaces and cavities.
  • Vapour Open: the open cell structure allows water vapour to diffuse through the foam, preventing harmful buildup of moisture within a structure.
  • Good Acoustic Insulator: ideal for reducing sound transmission into and around buildings.
  • Does Not Sag Overtime: Unlike other flexible insulants – such as mineral fibre and cellulose – which slump and sag over time, Icynene retains its shape, giving long term thermal performance.

How Icynene Spray Foam Insulation Can Revolutionize Your Home?


How Can Icynene Spray Foam Insulation Revolutionise Your Homer Home

  • Higher level of comfort

Raise the level of comfort within the home by preventing air leakage in your home. Icynene spray foam expands and fills up all the crevices and cracks. Thus, it prevents the escape of cool air and the entry of warm air during summer. Whereas in the winter, Icynene spray foam insulation keeps your home warm and prevents the entry of cold air.

  • Save on your Energy Bills

You can also enjoy an interior climate that is more balanced all round the year, without having your HVAC or boiler system work too much. Whether winter or summer, they won’t need to operate for longer than necessary. This can immediately help reduce your cooling and heating bills.

  • Reduces airborne noise

Icynene spray foam insulation uk can bring you both peace and quietness. It reduces airborne noises and flanking noises such as: plumbing systems, traffic, gaming systems, and TV’s.

  • Safeguards against ice damages

Other than saving money and soundproofing, it can protect your roof from being damaged by ice during the winter season. When your attic is insulated the right way there is no leakage of heat; which results in melting of snow or accumulation of the same on your roof eaves or overhanging ice dams.

  • Cleaner indoor air

You can also enjoy cleaner air within your home. As this kind of insulation prevents outside pollutants from entering your house, there is significant improvement in the quality of indoor air.

With all that being said, we are proud to be official Icynene accredited contractors, and offer FREE Surveys where our specialized surveyors, survey your home to see if you are eligible for Icynene, and if so, will leave you with a FREE no obligation quote that is valid for 12 months.

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