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Spray Foam Insulation in Islington

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Many new residential projects are approved by the Islington Council as you read these lines. Whether they are residential or industrial projects, those new builds inevitably need insulation. Spray Foam is the method used by Evergreen Power for insulation. It is ideal for the old houses in Islington as well. Icynene spray foam ins a versatile product that can be applied as insulation in any new or old construction.

insulation Islington
insulation Islington
insulation Islington

Islington, the first London borough to receive fresh water via a canal from Hertfordshire, is also one of the most colourful considering the impressive number of bars and restaurants here. Evergreen Power is the company which promotes spray foam insulation, the perfect insulation method for Islington houses.

Early development of Islington took place in the 16th century to accommodate more people, but the greatest expansion of the borough took place in the 19th century. With the introduction of horse-drawn buses, the population of Islington grew 30 times in 100 years. Fashionable houses replaced the old small dwellings during the 1850’s.

When significant development of the City of London started, people were displaced to make room for the luxury buildings from the city. Many of those people moved to Islington and built new houses. Some of those houses still exist and even if they were renovated before, the thermal insulation materials available today are reasons for homeowners to consider insulation.

Best cavity wall insulation ideas in Islington

Islington is the house of many Georgian terraces style homes. For those, Evergreen recommends Icynene underfloor insulation. As the majority of those homes have cavity walls, the suited wall insulation method is a wall filler.

Unfortunately, many of the houses there have wool insulation installed, which was maybe an accepted method back in the 1800’s but not now.

For the other Victorian and Georgian houses in Islington, insulation is a key factor for keeping the costs of heating down. These are mostly old properties made of clay, where dampness can become a real problem. Don’t worry, as the thermal insulation materials used by Evergreen and manufactured by Icynene is surely what you need. Best insulation quotes and prices from the most reputed manufacturer, Icynene!


Mr. Ahmet Kahn
After being told by three insulation companies that my loft is too old for insulation, Evergreen came with their spray foam thingy and did the job in 24 hours. What else is it to say?