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Is it fine to use Spray Foam Insulation in Cold Season?

Do you want to know when the optimum time is to install spray foam insulation? If you’re considering investing, you’ll be relieved to learn that it could be placed at any time of year. This makes picking a time that works for you much easier. Many of our former customers have asked if Icynene spray foam insulation cost uk can be installed in extreme cold, and the answer to that is yes!

In cold temperatures, spray foam insulation can indeed be applied without harming the end product. To guarantee a proper application, the top and spray foam container temperatures must be maintained; fortunately, something which experienced insulation specialists can easily regulate.

The Icynene® insulation faq must not be applied to a very cold surface. This is because a cold surface hinders the spray foam insulation from properly adhering to the surface and inhibits the expanding process. Before our skilled technicians arrive, homeowners should make sure their heating system has sufficiently warmed up their home.


What are the benefits of installing spray foam insulation in winter?

Winter is an excellent season to install spray foam insulation inside your home since it provides a wide range of benefits to homeowners.

Heat losses are minimized.

Most residents want to assure that the warm air within their home does not escape during the winter! Icynene® spray foam insulation is extremely airtight, preventing heat from escaping and cold air from entering. You can secure a more efficient energy home from the start when your spray foam insulation is installed.

A home that is cozier 

Reduced heat loss means a cozier home to come home to after a hard day. This is due to the fact that Icynene® spray foam is indeed a good thermal insulator, having a comprehensive barrier against the bitter winter winds!

You can save on your energy bills.

Because wintertime is the time of year when we need the warmth the most, installing spray foam insulation when you really need it is a terrific idea. Because of the reduced heat loss, Icynene spray foam insulation can help you save close to 50% on your energy expenditures.

Contact our helpful team of specialists to learn more about the advantages of foam insulation installation in cold weather.


The comfort of your home will, of course, be the first point you think about after it has been sealed with spray foam. There are no hot and cold areas, draughts, or other issues that homeowners commonly encounter during the harsh winter months. Without a doubt, you will appreciate the significant monthly energy savings, especially if your property is badly lacking in insulation! Heat would stay inside your home, preventing energy dollars from being wasted in the attic, walls, and other areas. Amazing convenience and cost savings – it’s a win-win situation.

Reduce Noise

If you’re sick of hearing and noticing the traffic, neighbors, or any other external noise, spray foam insulation can help. It’s also fantastic for decreasing noise from place to place inside your house, so you can sleep soundly while the kids listen to music, watch a movie, etc.

Moisture Barrier

The moisture barrier provided by the foam insulation is excellent. We all know that one of the most common difficulties for many homeowners is wetness. Moisture can cause structural concerns due to decaying wood, but it can also cause leaks in the rooftop, ceiling, and even hidden regions such as inside walls. While mold development isn’t an issue during the winter, it will become an issue once the weather warms up if you do have dampness issues. If these problems aren’t treated soon, water can literally damage your property. One effective approach to keep dampness out of your home is to use spray foam insulation.

Insulation, whether in the winter or at any other time of year, does much more than just keep you warm. Contact our insulation installation specialists at Evergreen Power UK today for more information about the benefits and contact us by calling to learn more and receive a free quote!

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