Is Spray Foam Insulation Fire Retardant?

Is Spray Foam Insulation Fire Retardant? – The Big Question

One thing that many people rightly want to know about when they’re choosing a home insulation solution is its ability to resist fire. So, the big question: is spray foam insulation fire retardant? is an important consideration to make because fire safety in the home is vital and you’re right to be concerned about it. Having the right insulation in place can make your home safer as well as more energy efficient.

Spray foam is a home insulation option that more and more people are now turning to and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a non-toxic and very effective insulation solution, but what about its fire safety? Is it safe to use in your home and can you be sure it’s not flammable? Is spray foam insulation fire resistant? Those are the questions we’re going to answer right now so find out more below.

Icynene Spray Foam – The Right Choice For Homeowners

Is spray foam insulation fire resistant?

Icynene spray foam is spray foam that’s most commonly used in homes today, so if you’re looking to have spray foam insulation installed, this is likely to be what’s installed. It’s known to be safe to use and has fire retardant properties and is self-extinguishing. On top of that, it’s great at filling spaces that need to be insulated, meaning it’s hard for any air to escape or heat to pass through it. It’s this that makes it such a good option for insulation in your home.

It’s a non-toxic material and it doesn’t deteriorate over time, so you’ll know that your insulation will be secure and protective for a very long time to come. This makes it safe because it doesn’t release toxic particles into the air compared to traditional insulation materials do when they deteriorate. We’re now going to dive into the fire safety aspects of Icynene spray foam in more detail, so keep reading.

What Building Standards Does Icynene Spray Foam Insulation Meet?

Icynene spray foam is a type of spray foam that meets all of the relevant fire safety codes and it has passed the necessary fire testing. As stated on the manufacturers website (UKSPRAYFOAM) It has an E-rated building certificate and is categorised as a Class A material and doesn’t act as a fuel source. This is the lowest bracket in the fire spread index and has a ranking of 25 or less. That’s definitely a very good thing and shows that even if the insulation were to catch fire, which is unlikely, it wouldn’t spread rapidly.

One of the biggest factors in the damage caused by a fire in the home is how rapidly it’s able to spread throughout the home and to different rooms. With Icynene spray insulation, you can be sure that the fire is kept low and doesn’t spread quickly, as the way it would with some other forms of insulation as it is self-extinguishing. This makes it a safe option and it’s fully in line with all of the relevant fire safety codes and building standards regulations, which should also give you confidence.

Are Any of the Materials Used to Make Icynene Flammable?

The short answer to this question is no, none of the materials used to make Icynene spray foam insulation are flammable. The spray foam is made from recycled content, giving it an environmentally friendly edge. And after that, the product is entirely water-blown, meaning that it’s made safer and less flammable than it would otherwise be. It contains no materials that are considered to be flammable, such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs).

Some other sorts of insulation do use materials like that, and this is what makes them more flammable than Icynene spray foam. You should always do more research into the various insulation options and the materials used to produce them because this gives you a better idea of how safe and how fire resistant, they really are. In the case of Icynene spray foam insulation, there aren’t any dangerous or flammable materials used to produce it at all. And extra steps are taken to ensure its safety.

Fire Retardant Foam Insulation - Icynene Classic Plus O

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The latest type of spray foam insulation is Icynene Classic Plus O. It’s a product range of fire-retardant insulation material with a class 0 fire rating. Therefore, it’s the best there is out there in terms of insulation that offers strong fire safety. It’s a class 1 for spread of flame and utilises a special coating that makes it safe.

Its fire retardant foam insulation properties make it stand out above and beyond the other options on the market right now, and there’s reason to believe it’s the very best option in terms of spray insulation. It’s not just a safe option but also an impressive all-round insulation option for your home. But it’s the product’s safety ratings that really make it stand out.

Is Spray Foam a Good Option for Your Home Insulation?

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It’s clear that spray foam insulation is good for your home in a variety of ways. It’s a superior spray loft insulation product that brings a wide range of benefits to the table that simply isn’t offered by other kinds of home insulation. On top of that, it’s regarded as a safer option in terms of fire safety than the vast majority of the alternative on the market at the moment. Anyone who is particularly concerned about fire safety should turn to an insulation solution like Icynene Classic Plus O – please find out more here.

It’s a self-extinguishing solution that keeps your home and your family safe, while also doing all of the good things that you want your insulation solution to do. The lack of toxic materials used in it is an obvious benefit to the health of your family and the overall condition of your home as well. From a health, safety and functionality point of view, this option can’t be discounted or ignored.

So, all in all, this is an option that deserves careful consideration. If you are interested in a FREE quote then please contact us and we will arrange one of our specialist surveyors to come around, survey your property and leave you with a quote that is valid for 12 months.

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