What Is Polyurea Spray Foam Coating?

Polyurea is a protective water-based coating which is sprayed onto properties to improve their structure and durability. Causing it to become growingly recognised internationally, since being developed 30 years ago. With further development, Polyurea has become an ultimate coating system, competing with the likes of polyurethane, fibreglass and vinyl esters. Moreover, as it is a water-based component spray, polyurea coating contains no toxins and VOC. Therefore, causing no harm to your health or respiratory functions.

What Is Polyurea Coating Used For?

As stated Polyurea is used to improve the structural elements of a property, whilst adding further durability to it. This is used in replacement of traditional materials, such as, fibreglass, epoxy and vinyl esters which have been the go-to choice for completing such tasks. Polyuera can also be used for:

Abrasion Resistance

Corrosion Protection


Chemical Protection

Environmental & Atmosphere Resistance

Structural Enhancement


What Can This Be Applied On?

Not only does polyurea coating have beneficial qualities which can further benefit a property, but can be applied to various of substrates. Materials such as concrete, metals and wood are only a few of the surfaces that can be sprayed onto. So good news, this means that there are an abundance of projects that this master coating spray can be used on.

Not only that but the ultimate protective coating can be applied in a wide range of conditions. This makes it ideal to be used all season around, as it isn't affected by temperature.

Asbestos Roof Encapsulation

Properties built within the periods  of 1930s to the 1990s are highly likely to be constructed with the use of asbestos. This makes Polyurea an ideal long-term solution, as the coating will be able to encapsulate the asbestos by creating a supportive anti-corrossive layer. In comparison to a full-on roof replacement, which will be incredibly expensive, we can provide you an affordable and faster alternative.

How Is This Applied?

I know, you must be thinking,"it's as simple as spraying" it onto the surface. You're not 100 per cent wrong. However, there are measures that must be taken before applying Polyurea. That is why we would always advise you to choose services professional installers to apply the coating. This is as using the proportioning system can be troublesome, so in order for the job to go smoothly, it is important that the installers have experience in the use of it.