Soundproofing Spray Foam

Soundproofing Spray Foam Insulation – How Your Home Benefits

Soundproofing spray foam insulation has revolutionized the insulation market in the UK in recent times. Icynene Spray foam is BBA approved insulation material, which provides a better U value when compared to traditional insulation material. Icynene spray foam is multi-dimensional insulation that offers a vast range of benefits to the homeowners and business owners once it has been installed to their properties.

One of the essential properties of spray foam insulation is that it provides a high quality of soundproofing. This helps you in reducing the interference of external noises with your private life. So, you can enjoy your time with your family quietly and peacefully.

There are 2 Types of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation comes in two different types- closed cell and open cell spray foams. Their key characteristics are as follows:

Closed Cell

Closed-cell spray foam expands to nearly 35-50 times its original volume. When using the closed-cell spray foam, about 90% of the cells are sealed, which makes the foam impermeable to moisture, vapor, rodents, etc. It is usually used on surfaces that do not have any wood and timber, as it does not allow moisture to travel freely. This makes timber moist and week. So, it is usually used on metal surfaces like commercial warehouses, boats, etc.

Open Cell

Open-cell spray foam expands to 100 times once applied to the surface. The mixture is delivered to the surface using water. Once applied, the mixture expands and forms an open-celled matrix which is flexible and breathable. The interconnected air cells trap the airflow and make it an excellent thermal barrier. However, unlike the closed cell spray foam, it is semi-permeable to moisture and vapor. This helps moisture to travel freely and is ideal for wooden and timber surfaces. This type of insulation is used for most home insulation.

Benefits of Soundproofing Spray Foam Insulation

Benefits of Soundproofing Spray Foam Insulation

Some of the key benefits of Soundproofing spray foam insulation in your home are discussed below:

Easier to Install

One of the most significant benefits of using spray foam is its ease of installation. Due to the nature of the spray foam and the size of the nozzle used to install it, you can spray it on any of the existing surfaces in your home. There is no need to tear off the wall or loft for installing soundproofing spray foam insulation. Once sprayed, the foam quickly expands to fill the gaps and crevices on the surface.

Excellent Soundproofing

Using soundproofing spray foam insulation can create excellent soundproofing benefits in your home. There are many benefits of soundproofing, as it can lead to better privacy. You can be confident that others will not overhear your private and sensitive information and conversations. It also allows you to enjoy your lifestyle without being disturbed by outside noises. You can enjoy your late-night movies or sports in your room without interruptions.

Reduced Energy Bills

Spray foam sound insulation provides you the benefit of sealing air leakages. Spray foam has the characteristic to expand many times, which creates excellent air sealing. It can close gaps and holes from where rodents, pests, etc., can enter your home. You will also experience a steadier temperature in your home after doing spray foam insulation. Your home will be more relaxed during summers and warmer during winters as a result. This will reduce the usage of air conditioning and heating, thereby helping you to reduce your energy bills. The air conditioning and heaters also don’t have to work as hard due to heat escaping from your home, which further increases their efficiency and reduces the energy bills.

Better Health & Qualify of Life

Soundproofing spray foam insulation is a 100% water-blown product which makes it completely eco-friendly for your home and family. It helps in minimizing airborne pollutants inside your home. This also results in eliminating respiratory distress as there is a considerable reduction in airborne pollutants in your home. Spray foam roof insulation helps in improving the overall quality of your life and health.

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