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Looking for the best spray foam insulation in Cambridgeshire? Look no further: Evergreen power is an accredited Icynene contractor, known in Cambridgeshire for taking part in renovation projects in Cambridge and drastically making a difference for both home and business owners by installing Icynene spray foam insulation to air seal their properties for up to 50% savings on their heating and cooling costs!

Our Icynene spray foam comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining this fit and forget product as it lasts the lifetime of your home. Still not sure? contact one of our experts today to see if our product is suitable for your project.

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FAQ In Cambridgeshire: Is it safe from bacterial and fungal growth?

A: Icynene insulation does not have food or organic value; therefore it isn't a suitable environment for pests and bacteria. Icynene is a superior insulation system against mould, with an excellent protection factor compared to fibreglass and cellulose. Rodents and pests will stay away from it as well.

Why Choose Evergreen Power For Spray Foam Insulation In Cambridgeshire?

Buildings naturally have gaps and cold spots that can make your home susceptible to cold draughts, condensation and mould that cost you more than they should. With our spray foams air sealing properties, Evergreen power ensures that this is a thing of the past.

Icynene is the only foam on the market to achieve BBA, ETA, IAB certifications. It has also been approved by the Energy Saving Trust, as a 100% water-blown product, containing no HCFC or harmful chemicals.

Our Icynene LD-C-50 spray foam has contributed to creating warm, comfortable and energy efficient properties. It has revolutionised the way buildings are insulated and by dealing with Evergreen Power you will benefit from the best prices for spray foam insulation in Cambridgeshire, and rest assure that your project will be handled by experts from start to finish.

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