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Spray Foam Insulation in Herefordshire

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Mr Whon is one of our favourite customers. Marcel and Radu did this loft insulation job for his home a couple of months ago. Considering the surface insulated and the quality of work, It was enough for Jamie to save 50% on his bills as soon as Icynene Spray foam was installed in his loft.

With so many major companies based in Hertfordshire, it is normal for the level of living to rise and for people to be more interested in increasing their comfort. It all starts in their houses. People are more and more aware of our footprint on the environment, and this is why they are receptive when we talk with them about the spray foam insulation solutions that we offer them.

insulation Herefordshire
insulation Herefordshire
insulation Herefordshire

The headquarters of Tesco and many pharmaceutical companies are situated in Herefordshire. It is great for the local economy and people living in this county. The area is in continuous development, and Evergreen Power is an active part of this evolution with its spray foam insulation services and green building solutions.

Spray foam insulation in Herefordshire

Evergreen Power completed many successful insulation projects in Herefordshire, most of them private ones. Many agricultural buildings in Herefordshire such as barns and silages also need insulation. Here are some advantages of Icynene spray foam insulation compared with other traditional methods such as mineral wool and fibreglass.

For loft insulation, the open cell spray foam insulation is the most recommended product. It is installed fast, and it may lead to 50% savings on bills. Some still prefer the old mineral wool, but you should know 10 centimetres of mineral wool give the same thermal protection as the one of a layer of 5 cm of spray foam.

Spray Foam Insulation is the perfect thermal insulation for flat surfaces, even if those have joints and are predisposed to thermal bridges. The estimated life duration if spray foam insulation is 50 years or more. Practically, you will have this insulation in place for as long as you will live in that house.

Spray Foam Insulation reviews and prices

In Herefordshire, spray foam insulation recently started to be used in construction projects. As long as the foam is protected from UV rays, it will not change its properties in time at all.

Even if the spray foam insulation price may be a little prohibitive especially for people who have to care about their budget, the advantages of Icynene open cell spray foam insulation or even closed cell are evident. Closed Cell Spray foam does not maintain the fire. It is flammable but only when the heating source is on. Practically, it is a fire retardant substance that would become an integrated part of the house structure.


Jamie Whon
Great straightforward process that got me to save 40% on bills during the first month after installing this Icynene. Thank you Evergreen!