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Great, because you’re in safe hands... Evergreen Power offers the best deals for Icynene spray foam insulation in Bolton and by dealing directly with us you can save up to 50% on your annual heating and cooling costs. We have successfully completed many spray foam insulation jobs in Bolton, Greater Manchester. This included projects ranging from traditional lofts to residential and commercial applications.

Many of our customers have benefited from our buy now pay later finance option, which gives you the spending power you need when you are looking to have spray foam insulation to be installed.

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Spray Foam Insulation in Manchester


Best Loft insulation installers in Bolton

Are you in search of the best loft insulation installers in Bolton? We are here to help you! Evergreen Power is one of the top cost-effective Insulation specialists in the UK providing quality loft insulation services for their clients in Bolton and nearby areas of Manchester. We are BBA and Green deal approved installer and have a team of professional loft insulation specialists with years of experience to their name.

Why Choose Evergreen Power for Spray Foam Insulation In Bolton?

First of all, we provide competitive prices for spray foam insulation in Bolton, and by dealing with us directly you can save up to 50% on your heating and cooling costs with our foam-based loft insulation. As we are an accredited Icynene spray foam contractors in the UK, our promise to you is that we only install premium products to the highest standards

Evergreen Power has been a limited company since 2013 and for peace of mind, is a member of Home Improvement Protection. It's simple, the homes in Bolton where we apply Icynene spray foam as an alternative to traditional insulation methods, are noticeably warmer during the extreme winter and cooler during the summer. Let’s not forget all the condensation, damp and mould problems we eliminate with our spray foam insulation!

Icynene spray foam is a revolutionary product that has taken the UK by storm. So, if you live in the Bolton area and are looking for the best insulation on the market, click the button below and one of our surveyors will give you a FREE no obligation quote for your project, that is valid for 12 months!

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