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You are here. Get the top deals on spray foam insulation at best prices in Chatham, Kent. We at Evergreen Power ensure that people of Chatham can save up to* 50% on their heating bills.

Icynene is a premium product which has been approved by BBA and comes with 25 years of manufacturer warranty as it provides high insulation value and durability.


Mr. Khan
Chatham, Kent
In a nutshell, if you are looking for a warmer house during winter and a cooler house during summer then literally look no further, make the investment on their Canadian product ICYNENE.

Why Choose Evergreen Power for Spray Foam Insulation in Chatham?

Chatham is a small town situated in North Kent, England. Its famous for its major naval buildings which are the main attraction for the tourists coming to visit this town. It has many other historic sites dating back to world war era for people to visit during their holidays. People in Chatham knows icynene spray foam insulation will provide their properties with best insulation and help them in reducing energy bills.

We have successfully completed several spray foam insulation projects in Chatham. Be it loft, roof, under floor or wall insulation, Icynene spray foam is an efficient way to insulate your property. Once applied, icynene spray foam expands 100 times to make an air-tight barrier that seals the entire surface. This helps in eliminating issues of frequent condensation, and mold growth. This will make your property warm and reduce your heating cost.

There is more. Both residential and commercial owners benefit from top quality insulation in their property as it can save you a lot of money in form of lower energy bills along with providing better comfort. Evergreen Power makes sure that our customers in Chatham can enjoy warmth in their homes and commercial buildings along with energy savings. Get a free no-obligation quote today that is valid for 12 months by clicking the button below.