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If you’re looking for the best spray foam insulation in Dover, then look no further! Evergreen power is an accredited Icynene contractor, known in Dover for taking part in a variety of insulation projects from loft insulation to shipping containers

In the last few years, homeowners in Dover have been focused on cutting carbon emissions down and improving their energy saving resources, this is why Evergreen Power has brought forward Icynene spray foam insulation as the perfect solution. By dealing directly with Evergreen Power you will benefit from the best insulation on the market and the best spray foam insulation deals in Dover.


Mr. & Mrs. Farash
Extremely pleased with the spray foam insulation I had installed, it seems to be working more efficiently than the fibreglass ever has. The insulation team was professional, clean and friendly.

FAQ: How Long Does It Take To Install?

A: The foam expands 100 times in 4-12 seconds after being applied. With proper ventilation, you can use the room for 24 hours or less after installing. As it is a water blown product, there will be no unusual smells remained after installation. The majority of homeowners installs can be completed within a day, however bigger projects such as commercial installs can take longer. Your insulation surveyor can give you an accurate representation of what time-scales you can expect.

Why Do Customers Choose Evergreen Power for Spray Foam Insulation In Dover?

Evergreen Power has contributed to the development of green energy and money saving solutions in Dover, mostly known for insulating shipping containers on the port and residential properties in the coastal town.  We have established ourselves as the preferred choice for spray foam insulation in Dover, specialising in open cell Icynene LD-C-50 which is suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

So what sets our spray foam insulation apart? Firstly, It expands 100x to create an airtight barrier, covering and sealing all the gaps and cracks that traditional insulation simply can’t. Revolutionising the way buildings are insulated in Dover, this air barrier prevents the dissipation of heat and eliminates mould and dampness.

So if you live in Dover and are looking for the best insulation on the market, click the button below and one of our surveyors will give you a Free no obligation quote for your project, that is valid for 12 months!