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Here’s how you benefit: Your search for the best spray foam insulation installers in Kent ends here. We offer the best prices for spray foam insulation in Kent, and by dealing directly with us you can save up to 50% on your heating and cooling costs with our foam insulation. That’s not all… our Icynene spray foam comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining this fit and forget product as it lasts the lifetime of your home.

We have undertaken a variety of projects from new builds in Maidstone, to residential properties in Dover and have established ourselves as the preferred choice for spray foam insulation in Kent. Not only do we install the market leading spray foam our Icynene spray foam insulation has revolutionised the way buildings are being insulated in the UK.

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Loft insulation installers in Kent

Evergreen Power is a family run business specialising in heating and insulation services in the UK. Loft insulation is effective for more than 40 years and it should pay for itself many times. Insulation keeps the heat inside and the people who insulate their home can recognise the difference of comfort they are getting before and after loft insulation. Loft insulation provides an air tight barrier which seals all the home and protects it from heat loss.


Why Choose Evergreen Power for Spray Foam Insulation In Kent?

Evergreen Power specialises in breathable Icynene LD-C-50 spray foam insulation for lofts, underfloor, internal walls, timber frame walls, and that's not all... it is also suitable for both commercial and agricultural projects,  to see more of our services click here.

Energy bills in Kent have been rising continuously for the last few years, with our spray foam solution you can benefit from drastic energy savings. Icynene open cell spray foam is 100% water blown and contains no harmful chemicals, so you can have it installed worry-free while reducing your carbon footprint.

The versatility of Icynene and the ease of application allows us to take on projects from large commercial sites to timber boat houses. What really sets our spray foam insulation apart is the fact that it expands 100x to create an airtight barrier, covering and sealing the surface completely. This air barrier prevents the dissipation of heat and removes the chance of mould and dampness, which traditional insulation doesn't eliminate. Icynene is the only foam on the market to achieve BBA, ETA, IAB certifications and recently been approved by the Energy Saving Trust.

Still not convinced? We know that finding the best product and price for your insulation project can be hard. At Evergreen Power we keep our customers in mind and offer premium spray foam insulation in Kent at affordable prices. Get a free no obligation quote today that is valid for 12 months by clicking the button below.

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