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Looking for the best spray foam insulation in Portsmouth? Look no further: Evergreen power is an Icynene accredited contractor, known for taking part in a variety of insulation projects for both commercial and residential properties, throughout the UK.

In the last few years, Portsmouth homeowners have been focused on cutting carbon emissions and improving their energy saving resources, this is why Evergreen Power has brought forward Icynene spray foam insulation in Portsmouth as the perfect solution. The best part?By dealing directly with Evergreen Power you will benefit from the best spray foam insulation deals in Portsmouth.


Mr. Chapell
Martin provided an excellent service which was very reasonably priced. I had Icynene and a Worcester Bosch boiler fitted in. Very reliable, came on time both occasions i booked them. I would recommend them to anyone.

FAQ: Why is Spray Foam Insulation Better than Traditional Insulation?

A: Spray foam insulation is the perfect alternative to traditional insulation methods such as fibreglass or cellulose. Icynene spray foam insulation stops conditioned air escaping your home, and stops air passing through your home, whereas fibreglass and cellulose, allow the air to pass through, and only slows down heat loss.

Evergreen Power Solutions In Portsmouth 

We specialize in breathable Icynene LD-C-50 spray foam insulation for lofts, suspended floor, internal walls, timber frame walls. It is also suitable for both commercial and agricultural projects,  so to see more of our services click here.

Don’t forget: Icynene spray foam insulation in Portsmouth is the perfect alternative to traditional insulation and the best part… you don’t have to replace or top up your insulation every 5 – 10 years, due to our 25-year manufacturer warranty. This fit and forget system is a revolutionary product that will transform your home, so if you live in Portsmouth and are looking for the best insulation on the market, click the button below and one of our surveyors will give you a Free no obligation quote for your project, that is valid for 12 months!