Spray foam vs traditional insulation

Spray Foam Insulation vs Traditional Insulation | The Comparison Guide

Want to understand the difference between spray foam insulation and traditional insulation? Then congrats you're in the right place!

In this guide, we will be reviewing Icynene spray foam, Fiberglass and Cellulose insulation to find out the pros and cons of individual insulation method.

You would never go back to single windows, you will never go back to gas fire... and now you would never go back to traditional insulation once you've had Icynene breathable spray foam installed.

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spray foam vs traditional insulation

Spray Foam Insulation vs Fiberglass Insulation

Let me guess, you've heard Fiberglass is and has been a high contender for one of the best traditional insulation products on the market.

In previous years customers would say this is the best insulation product money could buy.

But boy has things changed...

Traditional insulation products such as Fiberglass are being outdated by spray foam insulation and people want to know the difference.

Spray foam insulation is breaking performance boundaries and giving homeowners more benefits in comparison to Fiberglass insulation.

We will compare the difference between the products now.

What does the better job?

Spray foam insulation provides a complete seal on cracks, gaps, voids, attics, walls, crawl space and open areas.
Let's get started with the difference:
Fibreglass insulation covers some of the cracks and gaps etc... imagine what it would be like for beneficial reasons with spray foam insulation, it covers all of the above.
 Look, in the long run, you'll see the difference in Spray foam insulation because it'll save UP TO 50% on energy & heating bills. Even just by that, you can see the difference.

Spray Foam Insulation vs Cellulose

Cellulose has a fire retardant material, which is usually boric acid and other times when they aren't using boric acid ammonium sulphate. Spray foam insulation is also fire retardant using the same materials as Cellulose to make it a fire retardant product.

Spray foam insulation and Cellulose are both sprayed in, but because the material is different it also means the put come with will be different when spray foam is applied, it starts of as a liquid, but drastically expands into foam in a matter of seconds.

Another perk about Spray foam insulation is that it is easy to apply and it is hassle free for the installers. 

How does it benefit my energy?

Spray foam insulation creates an air barrier to stop air escaping and prevents air from escaping and cold air from entering. On the other hand the difference is Fibreglass insulation is a traditional product and becoming outdated. Fibreglass insulation allows air very slowly to pass through the small gaps which can create heat loss in the property increasing your energy prices. On the other hand the difference is Spray foam Insulation prevents all of that happening outdating all the traditional methods.

Spray foam insulation maximises energy efficiency. We at the Evergreen Power UK honestly believe that using Spray foam insulation can successfully guarantee a saving on a positive result on your property saving UP TO 50% on your energy bills. Unlike Spray foam insulation, Fibreglass insulation wouldn't be able maximise energy costs, because the difference between the modern and traditional insulation product is that they're so vast apart, you can't fight the fact that Spray foam insulation is the best product on the market. 


Spray foam installation has so many other benefits in your property. It minimises noise disturbance and decreases dust & air pollution which will make a big difference on your carbon footprint and then make it a lot better for the environment. Another perk with spray foam insulation is that it resists mould which will make it a massive perk to have, making your property more sustainable. So from comparisons on spray foam vs traditional insulation in this circumstance Fibreglass you now know that spray foam insulation is the better insulation product to use.  

Still not sure whether Spray Foam Insulation is the right thing for you contact our professional surveyors to help you make the right decision.

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