What is Spray Foam Insulation

What is Spray Foam Insulation? – How it Works & More

If you have spent more than enough time researching your options in insulation solutions for your project, you probably have come across different insulation types that include spray foam, cellulose, and fibre glass options. You may have heard about spray foam, even if you are not very familiar with exactly how it works. This type of insulation is a comparatively newer one that hasn’t been around for too long - from 1986 to be precise. However, many new homes are taking advantage of the several benefits that come with using this type of insulation, which include comfort and energy efficiency.

In this article, we will take a look at what spray foam insulation is, how it works, what it is made of, and a lot more.

What Is Spray Foam Insulation?

This form of insulation uses foam as an air barrier and seals ceiling cavities, floors, and walls from air movement. It also includes places around light fixtures, electrical outlets, and the areas where the walls meet the doors and windows. Spray foam is also sprayed in open cavity areas like rim joints, crawl spaces, attics, and new construction. Unlike other insulation solutions, spray foam does not lose its shape. In addition, the foam can fill up all cracks, crevices, and gaps without compressing, sagging, or settling over time.

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

Why Use Icynene Foam Insulation?

There are many reasons why spray foam insulation stands out from the other options.

  • Spray foam creates an air seal that is ideal for homes that cannot maintain a constant temperature, and therefore end up with high energy bills. It helps you to save up  to* 50% on your energy bills.
  • Spray foam creates a seal for the building envelope when it is used throughout the house. This prevents any form of air leakage from and to your home. The air-seal created also means that drafts can no longer enter your home while also presenting a condensation solution on your walls.
  • And during winter, the presence of foam insulation will prevent the formation of ice dams from the roof of your building.
  • Icyenene spray foam is 100% water blown and free from harmful chemical. It is an Eco friendly product and helps in reducing carbon footprint.
  • It helps in reducing outside noises from interfering in your home and help overall indoor environment of the house.

How Does Spray Foam Insulation Work?

Spray foam insulation works by create an air seal while insulating your home. It deters the growth of mould, reduces airflows, prevents drafts, and lowers your energy bill. It protects both airflow and heat transfer and provides warmth and coolness as and when needed. Spray foam loft insulation, especially the open-cell type is known for expanding nearly one hundred times its starting size. This makes it capable of filling up even the tiniest airflow within the gap while preventing any air leakage. With the other types of insulation, gaps, and spaces that do not adequately fill-up will leak in air.

What is the Difference Between Closed Cell Spray and Open-cell Foam Insulation?

When it comes to insulating a residential property - whether that is a loft insulation or underfloor insulation - it is best to use Icynene open cell spray foam. This is due to the structural properties of open cell spray foam, which enables the foam to block air and expand. This therefore makes this type of spray foam insulation the best option for houses as it is breathable, preventing the timbers from rotting.

 On the other hand, Icynene closed cell foam insulation is more suitable for commercial projects that have a metal frames in their structure, such as: a crate: a boat; and other similar builds. This is a result of Icynene closed cell having a rigid and dense nature, due to the foam minimising the air that is encased in its bubbles. This is ideal for preventing air and water leakage; however, it is not ideal for timber frames. Therefore, closed cell spray foam is majorly used on metal framed structures rather than homes.

Is Spray Foam Insulation Safe to have in a Home?

Spray foam insulation


If you have done some research on the safety of spray foams in a home, the chances are that you may have come across some horror stories about high volatile organic compounds and off-gassing. This situation usually leaves some questions as to the safety of spray on loft insulation. But Icynene spray foam insulation is 100% water blown and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is essential to know the kind of component your contractor uses in your home. Icynene is the only foam on the market to achieve BBA, ETA, IAB certifications. It has also been approved by the Energy Saving Trust, as a 100% water blown product, containing no HCFC or harmful chemicals. Today, Icynene open cell spray foam is the safest and cleanest form of home insulation with almost no danger involved for homes or homeowner.

What Is The Process Of Installing Spray Foam Insulation?

First, if there is an existing insulation in your home, the installation crew will remove it - this is not the case for new buildings. Afterward, the area that requires the installation will be prepared adequately. The kind of preparation depends on the parts where the foam is to be applied. Some spaces may also need covering with membrane as icynene spray foam is not directly sprayed onto the loft or wall of the house.

After all the preparation work ends, a hose installation will commence, followed by the spraying of all the targeted areas. Once the spraying job completes, the areas worked on will be cleaned.

Why Icynene Is the Ideal Choice For Your Home?

Most energy lost is due to air leakage in the home, which can account for over 40% of the energy required to heat or cool a home. This situation is like leaving your doors and windows open for about 24 hours each day, for a whole year. Spray foam insulation is one of (if not the most) the most effective preventive measure against air leakage from a building.

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