Our External Wall Insulation

Evergreen Power's external wall insulation is what you need to keep the heat in your home during the winter and out during the summer. The polyester external wall insulation will prevent air from penetrating the wall from both directions.

Evergreen Power is a trusted installer of both internal and external wall insulation, being the most reputed contractor that can install external insulation for you at best prices.

Why is polyester the right material for external insulation?

While polyester is not suited for internal insulation as it is thick and will probably allow the instalment of mould between the wall and the insulation, it is perfect for the outside surface of any home, store or building.

Polyester is a transparent insulating material, partially crystalline, but it can have other colours due to the thermal process used to manufacture it.

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External Wall Insulation from Evergreen

Polyester is placed on rails that have to be mounted by specialists as frames around the house, to hold the extruded or expanded polyester boards. Additional fixings are required to fit the boards on the surface entirely.

External wall insulation with polyester is a superior type of insulation considering its resistance; therefore it is ideal for exterior surfaces such as walls, which are more exposed to weather conditions.

The external wall insulation materials used by Evergreen are resistant to compression and impermeable. It is ideal for insulating surfaces exposed to moisture.

Temperature fluctuations and humidity have adverse effects on many construction materials. Polyester is resistant to moisture, it is durable and elastic, being the perfect product resistant to weather caprices.

Evergreen Power has the right expertise to establish the insulation needs of your house, and to offer you the best external wall insulation quote you can find around!